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We excel in providing a wide range of aerial services, from cinematic filming to specialist utility platforms

What We Do

Aerial Film

As a collective A2B aerial film has decades of experience, from bespoke corporate videos to box office feature films.

Based just south of London we are ideally located for shoots over the capital, however, we operate throughout the UK. Outside of the UK, our extensive contact list of helicopter companies and coordinators enable us to provide service continuity wherever your production may locate to next.

As a team we have successfully completed aerial filming shoots in every corner of the globe.

Our crew experience and contacts can help make filming in remote and challenging environments a simple process for our clients.

Sharing your vision with us through storyboards or previs helps us to understand a level of detail and style early on that is so important to the process.

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Aerial Photography

Our AS355 aircraft are the perfect choice for the Capitals ever changing skyline, fitted with sliding doors on both sides they offer the greatest flexibility.

Twin engine performance allows us to operate day and night over congested areas, and at reduced heights and distances when operating in accordance with our CAA issued long term permissions.

Get in touch for a friendly chat and we can advise on finding a solution that best suits your requirements.

Specialist Operations

From skydiving to advertising, from aerial surveying to medevac flights, specialist operations covers a wide range of sometimes unusual operations.

When it comes to specialist operations (almost!) anything is possible.

From concept design to project completion our friendly team will work with you every step of the way.

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Filming Kit and Crew Hire

Although we own a fleet of helicopters and are based just outside London, we also hire out our crew and equipment for use on locations worldwide.

Our ShotOver F1 system can be shipped along with the associated approved mount and accessories to be installed by our tech onto a 3rd party helicopter.


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The Team

We are driven by a shared passion for TAKING your aerial aspirations to new heights


Our team comprises of seasoned aviation experts, skilled photographers, and experienced cinematographers, blending their talents seamlessly to create remarkable aerial experiences.