Aerial Film

Aerial filming is a broad canvass. Depending on the purpose of the footage and the perspective required, we have all the equipment in house to provide aerial film capabilities from live events to motion pictures

Helicopter Filming

Dynamic action packed stunt sequences or stunning serene scene setters, the choice of crew and equipment is key. We bring a depth of technical knowledge and creative experience to your shoot.

Sharing your vision with us through storyboards or previs helps us to understand a level of detail and style early on that is so important to the process.

Gimbal Stabilized Filming

With a variety of stabilised systems available today it’s important to decide which is right for you. From the Cineflex V14 to the Shotover K1 and Eclipse XL, the Shotover F1 sits firmly in the middle. The ability to fit a variety of payloads sought by the industry today makes this system the choice for 99% of our clients.

Picture aircraft

These can be an integral part of the film set/production. Whether this be for an airborne action sequence, a static buck on set or as a platform for the music artist to perform their track. We have experienced people in aircraft paint and decal production who can give you just what you’re looking for.


Feature film and television production.
Music videos.
Live music and sporting events.
Pre-visualisation for the development and construction industry.
Survey for a variety of industries.
News gathering.


As a company, we own, operate and maintain our fleet. This gives us the flexibility to react quickly to a request, same day if needed.

Should your shoot want to place you lower and closer than our standard permissions allow, then, where possible, we will look to obtain further alleviation from the CAA to achieve this.

Using a wide range of weather reporting and forecasting sources we will work closely with you to achieve the ideal conditions for your shoot.