Specialist Operations

Specialist operations encompass a wide range of airborne tasks to which helicopters are perfectly suited, Our helicopters can provide an airborne platform for any of your specialist projects

Aerial Surveying and Mapping

With decades of experience in LiDAR scanning and visual inspection operations, whatever your mapping needs we can provide a solution for you.

Parachute operations and skydiving

The helicopter provides a perfect platform for skydiving operations compared to conventional aircraft. With the freedom to operate from remote sites combined with an impressive rate of climb our helicopters will increase your efficiency, meaning more time spent under canopy and less time sat in an aircraft.

Brand promotion

A helicopter is a powerful statement. Use our helicopters to sell your brand. With the option to paint or wrap your company logo on the aircraft, it can provide the finishing touch to a promotional piece.

Medical Evacuation

With the option to fit a full length stretcher in our AS355 aircraft we can provide medevac capabilities for your events.


As well as providing airborne camera solutions we also provide helicopters to be in front of the camera, either flying or just part of your production as a prop filmed from either ground or air.

with a team of pilots experienced in flying with reduced minimum separation distances and the appropriate CAA permissions we can efficiently create dynamic action sequences