The Team

with our carefully considered team we can ensure that whatever the project may be we will provide a suitably qualified and experienced crew to make your plans a reality


Andy is the CEO of the A2B Group of Companies.

Having discovered his passion for Helicopters back when life seemed a lot easier, Andy trained as a Licensed Helicopter Engineer and spent the first ten years of his career working for the UK Distributor and MRO for Eurocopter/Airbus Helicopters supporting a varied fleet of Turbine Helicopters.

Andy then spent a number of years working in Quality/Compliance and gained a B Eng (Hons) in Aircraft Engineering. In 2010, he founded the A2B Aero Group of Companies that over the last decade have steadily grown into an elite group, providing a premier service.

Andy flies, maintains and trains on the A2B Aerial Film fleet…


Miles started his career working as a commercial pilot and flight instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area. During this time, he undertook many photographic flights and developed a love for what the helicopter could add to the creative process.

Since moving back to the UK in 2000 he has spent all his time flying cameras, working on feature films such as The Batman and Mission: Impossible, television productions, live sports, news, music, and commercials.

Still busy flying both as a camera and picture pilot. Miles is also our Head of Flight Operations and is responsible for the safety and oversight of the operation.


Will has been flying professionally for many years, starting out as a helicopter instructor before qualifying as a commercial pilot.

He has been a film pilot for the past 15 years behind and in front of the camera on many projects from Harry Potter to James Bond and most recently Meg 2: The Trench.

He has also worked on numerous TV shows and sporting events including many years as a news pilot which is a task he still enjoys today.

Will is the Flight Training Manager at A2B where he trains and examines other commercial pilots and works closely with the operations team developing the business.


Tom started out in equipment hire, preparing kit which led to working in the field of live events and outside broadcast before grabbing the rare opportunity to work in the aerial filming and aviation business.

For over 15 years now Tom has specialised full time in aerial filming and cinematography, building a long credit list in TV, drama and film production as well as covering hundreds of live news stories and sports events.

With strong technical knowledge and a visually creative mind he has the skills to both prep, tech and operate on aerial shoots for all project sizes.


Paul has been flying helicopters since 2007 initially as a flight instructor and charter pilot. 

In 2013 he got into the aerial filming side of aviation and enjoys the challenge and the creative aspect that aerial camera work offers.

Paul has been involved with , planned and flown in numerous projects from high profile live events including, music, sports and ceremonial to television and film productions both as a camera pilot and in vision as a picture aircraft pilot.


After two years in the film industry and subsequent study at film school, Steve joined the Thames Television training scheme as a Television Cameraman. Spending the next ten years at ITV, before going freelance.

Since 2007 Steve has specialised in aerial camerawork, operating largely in live news gathering, sport and current affairs, during which time he has been involved in the coverage of most major events.


Ed has been flying helicopters for 10 years since graduating from the University of Bath with a degree in Politics and International Relations.

Ed brings to the team a wealth of experience in the VIP Charter and Private Owner sectors, managing and flying helicopters for owners in both hemispheres.

Joining A2B in 2019 Ed has added Aerial Filming and Specialist Operations tasks to his CV and is at ease flying with CEO’s, Directors, or Utility Operators onboard the helicopter.


Sean started a career in television back in 1992 after attending Ravensbourne College.

Following a decade of using pedestal and handheld cameras, in 2003 he moved into specialising in camera cranes and hot heads.

In 2006 after many years of working on the ground for mainstream tv shows and productions Sean moved into aerial camera work.

Since then he has covered numerous high-profile news and tv productions. To this day he still has the privilege of working
on many varied and exciting projects, on the ground and in the air.

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